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Order Team Suits Online

Here is the link to order your AQM team suit. Click HERE. You can also find the link on our website (in case you lose this email).

By ordering directly with Nor Cal Swim Shop (our team vendor) our AQM team suits receive team pricing from Nor Cal Swim Shop only. 20% off.

  • female suits are $67.95, AQM price via Nor Cal Swim Shop $54.36

  • male jammers are $48, AQM price via Nor Cal Swim Shop $38.40

  • male briefs are $38, AQM price via Nor Cal Swim Shop $30.40

  • If you want the logo, make sure you add that to your order $6.

Team suits are REQUIRED for swim meets along with team caps.

Monday, May 2nd will be the final day I will have the sizing kit. If you still need to be sized come to Schaal pool between 5:45-7:45pm and I will help size your swimmer.


Monster Equipment Guide. Click HERE for the updated guide. Images of the different swim suit styles are included in this guide.

RED | BLACK | HIGH SCHOOL GROUPS make sure you have all your training equipment for practices.



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