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Monster Time Standards

We provide Monster Time Standards so swimmers can set achievable goals to work towards during the season. Monster Time Standards do NOT correspond with our practice groups. We just like our team colors so much we continue to stick with them - WHITE | RED | BLACK.


Also included in this document are the Meet of Champions qualifying times. Meet of Champions is an all-star meet for summer recreational swimmers in the Sacramento area. More information about the meet is available at the website. 

Where did Monster Time Standards come from?


The time standards are derived by using a formula developed in Northern California swimming that took 20 years to develop. Each level represents a certain level of proficiency in each event and a stepping stone for kids to see what is possible for them.


Monster Time Standards also create an opportunity for kids to start to learn their swim times. This is an important step in their swimming careers. There will not be any "award" for obtaining these time standards. As swimmers progress in swimming, there become less awards as the swimmers get better. The focus becomes on the effort, technique, race strategies, and best times.


One of our coaching values is on intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation - awards, money, candy, etc.


6 & unders do not have Monster Time Standards. At this age the stepping stones are:


  • doing a race

  • finishing the race

  • becoming legal in the race

  • best times


One thing to note, these time standards do not mean that your child is talented or not talented. These standards are not to "label" or define swimmers. Talent is created it is not born. As many of you know, we have coached numerous swimmers who were "puds and became studs."

Monster Time Standards are to help swimmers focus on the next step in their swimming. Some AQM swimmers will soon achieve enough PB's to earn a towel, so they will wonder why they should go to any more meets. These standards can help them focus on reaching for more growth.

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