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2024 AQM Summer Swim Meet Calendar 


May 4th - Sac Town @ Davis (PM)****
May 18th - Laguna Creek @ Davis (PM)*****

June 8th - SSL meet @ Home (PM) (TBD)*
June 15th - Davis @ Glen Oaks (AM)*****
June 22nd - SSL  @ Schaal (PM) (TBD)*

July 1st @ Consumnes River College (AM)*
July 6th - SSL meet @ Home (AM)*
July 13th - SSL meet  @ Del Paso (AM)*
July 20th-21st - League Championships (@ Woodland Pool) (ALL DAY)**

August 3rd-4th - Meet of Champions (@Elk Grove Aquatic Center) (ALL DAY)***

*Sacramento Swim League Meet
**Swimmers must swim in 2 League meets to be eligible for League Championships
***Swimmers must qualify at league champs or through qualifying times
****Athlete has not competed in a USA meet since 1/31/24 and are not going to swim in any USA meets over the summer



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