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Swim Team and New Swimmer Registration

Current Davis swim team members and new swimmers need to follow the instructions below to register for the Davis Aquamonster Swim Team and swim sessions.


  1. Visit our Swim Session Registration page on 
    Find your preferred Davis Aquamonsters swim team training and development session.

  2. Press the "Register Now" button next to the desired swim training and development session. If the "Register Now" button is unavailable, that specific session is full/closed.

  3. Returning users can login to session registration by entering username and password combination.
    NEW TEAM MEMBERS use the "New Davis AquaMonster Swimmer" button located in the "First-Time User" section.

  4. Follow the registration instructions and complete your registration.

  5. Pay your session fees + Annual Registration Fee  (required for all swimmers each year) Fees can be paid online using a credit card. Or, you can pay via check. Check payments need to be mailed ​within 72 hours to:

    Davis AquaMonsters
    PO Box 788
    Davis , CA 95617-0788.


Annual Registration Fee


Paid once per calendar year, is required for all swimmers, new and returning.

  • March - July: $40 

  • August - February: Pro-rated Fee $25

Register early as sessions/clinics fill up quickly.  We also reserve the right to cancel any session/clinic. Our BIG MONSTER groups have a minimum of 6 swimmers to a group.  Your spot is secure once your online registration is complete AND payment received.  We do NOT send confirmations.  You can check your account registration online.  We only notify you if we cancel a session.


Your child must practice with the group for which they are registered.  This enables us to have properly staffed practices.


Trial period for new swimmers: please contact Koren at for information.




  • 2020 Annual Swimmer Registration Fee is an additional $40 for the period of Mar - Jan each year. 

  • Third swimmer discount 50% off lowest swim session fees.

  • Third swimmer discount is excluded from Annual Registration Fee,

  • Third swimmer discount is excluded from Get Fit Sport non-member fees.




The annual fee is $40 and is paid once per year at the first registration for the year. This fee covers insurance for your child and admin costs. 


If you are registering for the first time for the swim season, be sure to check the Annual Registration Fee check box in your shopping cart. On all subsequent registration for the same swim season, be sure to un-check the check box in your shopping cart.




The Davis AquaMonsters swim team accepts payments via check or by credit card.  Using these two methods helps keep swim cost down for the team and the families. Check are to be mailed promptly (within 72 hours of regisration) to Davis AquaMonsters | PO Box 788 | Davis , CA 95617-0788




Payments must be received within 5 business days of online registration. If we do not receive payment, we reserve the right to: 1) give your spot to another swimmer; 2) add a $15 late fee to each swimmer registration for the first 30 days, and increase it to $30 per each swimmer’s registration after 30 days regardless of practice attendance. Even if your child does not attend one practice, once you have submitted your online registration you are financially responsible for the session fees.

After you sign up for a session, you have 72 hours to cancel. If you need to switch to a different site, we will try to accommodate you, but as it gets closer to the session starting it may not be possible. 

Reg Fee: The $40 annual registration fee is due in March. For those who start swimming after summer, we reduce the registration fee to $25.

Please do not give coaches checks!

If you have not paid swim fees prior to the first day of swim practice, you need to notify our Registrar, otherwise, your swimmer may not be allowed in the water. Likewise, if you have not signed up for a session and your swimmer is not on the roster, he or she may not be allowed to participate. 




No refunds or prorating of session fees for returning Davis AquaMonster swimmers.  Once a swimmer is registered for a session they are financially responsible for payment of the session fees regardless of attendance.  We urge early registration for all sessions/clinics.  This enables us to properly staff the groups.  If enrollment is low, the Davis AquaMonsters reserves the right to cancel the session/clinic.  If the Davis AquaMonsters cancels a session your fees will be refunded.




  1. First try our Registration FAQ

  2. If that doesn't help, please email registrar, Sue Peri.



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