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Swim Team and New Swimmer Registration

Current Davis swim team members and new swimmers need to follow the instructions below to register for the Davis Aquamonster Swim Team and swim sessions.


  1. Visit our Swim Session Registration page on 
    Find your preferred Davis Aquamonsters swim team training and development session.

  2. Press the "Register Now" button next to the desired swim training and development session. If the "Register Now" button is unavailable, that specific session is full/closed.

  3. Returning users can login to session registration by entering username and password combination.
    NEW TEAM MEMBERS use the "New Davis AquaMonster Swimmer" button located in the "First-Time User" section.

  4. Follow the registration instructions and complete your registration.

  5. Pay your session fees + Annual Registration Fee  (required for all swimmers each year) Fees can be paid online using a credit card. Or, you can pay via check. Check payments need to be mailed ​within 72 hours to:

    Davis AquaMonsters
    PO Box 788
    Davis , CA 95617-0788.


Annual Registration Fee


Paid once per calendar year, is required for all swimmers, new and returning.

  • $45 check 

  • $47 credit card


1) Choose your practice location and time. 

2) Go online to  

3) Click Register and then Online Registration and follow instructions. 

4) Mail your Session Fee, and Annual Registration fee ($45 check $47 credit card/) to:  Davis AquaMonsters |PO Box 788| Davis, CA 95617-0788.  

Check payments must be received within 5 business days of online registration. If we do not receive  payment within 5 days, AQM reserves the right charge your credit card on file. If you are doing a bank  check, please notify AQM registrar Sue Peri. 

CHECK/CREDIT CARD payment options - For those who wish to pay via credit card, the convenience fee is  included in the session total under CREDIT CARD. 

We urge early registration for all sessions/clinics. This enables us to properly staff the groups. If  enrollment is low, we reserve the right to cancel the session/clinic. Coaches will be assigned groups after  we receive registration. Your spot is secured once your online registration is complete and all paperwork  and payment have been mailed to the Davis AquaMonsters. We do NOT send confirmations. You can  check your account registration online. We only notify you if we CANCEL a session. 

Pro-rates/refunds: To ensure the lowest possible fees for ALL AQM we do not offer pro-rates nor refunds.


NO REFUNDS/NO Cancellations once you've signed up online and reserved a spot for the session. 

Third swimmer discount: 50% off lowest swim session fees (annual registration fee excluded from this  discount). 

Age requirement: AQM swimmers must be at least 5 years old and day of the session + be able to swim  12.5 yards independantly freestyle with side breathing + independant backstroke. 

Registration or account questions: 

Registrar: Sue Peri 

Group placement or swimming questions: 

Co-Director Pete Motekaitis 

Our coaching philosophy is that Every Monster Matters and Talent is Created, Not Born. If your child  starts out in the White group that will not prohibit your child from becoming a Black group swimmer one  day. Instead it will give the swimmer and coach the opportunity to teach and develop the skills necessary  for your child to really flourish in our sport.




  1. First try our Registration FAQ

  2. If that doesn't help, please email registrar, Sue Peri.



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