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May Invites Registration Open

Hello Monster Summer Swimmers,

We have two invites in May. These meets are different than dual meets in the summer, where are team competes against one other team (dual meet) or two other teams (tri-meet) or three other teams (quad meet).

Invites are entered by the parents and there are entry fees to pay for the costs of the meet as well as the meet host is offering the meet as a fundraiser for their team.

Which events to enter at invites?

Enter all the events for your child's age group. These invites are a great starting point of the season and give us a baseline for all the events. It also gives us information for when we do entries for dual meets.

At an invite you will see a lot of different teams participating and swimmers will be able to swim all the events in their age group. Dual meets limit the number of events per swimmer.

Team name: Davis AquaMonsters

Team abbrev: AQM

LSC - disregard

If UN - disregard

What times do I use?

Use your child's best time from Summer 2015 season (do not use USA times, we keep those separate - different rules for USA and Summer rec). We do best times for the team towel off of summer times.

Is it too late?

No. I contacted RIO and they have room. College Greens will have room as well at this point. I recommend signing up now. Unlike USA meets where it's like buying the hottest concert ticket. These invites fill a bit slower, but don't delay because there are limited spots for both meets.

Going to both is too much.

Just like we need to go to practice the swimmers need to practice racing and learning meet management and personal responsibility. These meets are nice for the kids to learn how to be more independent as there are no age group parents or ready benches. It is about swimmers learning to be resilient.

Kids are AMAZING! They pick up the meet and how it is run pretty quickly. Especially if they are willing to make mistakes.

For swimmers who have been swimming this March/Spring, I highly recommend going to both meets. It gives your child more opportunities to practice racing and for us to teach your child.

Rio Del Oro Spring Invititational click HERE - Download the entry form, fill it out, and mail it to the address at the bottom of the meet sheet with a check enclosed. We encourage you to sign your athletes up for all the events they are eligible for. More PBs and more race experience. It's a win-win. PLEASE ALSO DECLARE FOR THE MEET ON CLUB ASSISTANT.

College Greens Invitational click HERE - Go to registration. Fill out the form and enter your athlete in the appropriate events. You should be able to pay for entries with a credit card. The team abbreviation is AQM. PLEASE ALSO DECLARE FOR THE MEET ON CLUB ASSISTANT.

Uh OH I don't have my kids best times?

Check your email.

You receive meet results after every meet (these are manually sent so there will be a delay of a few days from the meet). It is an excellent idea to keep track of your kids times. RED, BLACK + High school swimmers - it's really their responsibility to KNOW their times. Especially with the training we do in BLACK + high school groups.

Looking forward to another Monster fun-filled summer!

Matt Crawford

Davis AquaMonsters

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