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ONLINE Registration OPENS - Thursday, Feb 1

Click HERE to register for March

Attached is updated info for March Stroke Clinic.

March is our season opener. We focus on skill development for our groups in March.

This is a foundational month for all of our groups and the upcoming 2018 season. In March we will be laying the groundwork for swim strokes, technical skills and drills. From here we will build on these skill sets throughout the Spring and Summer practices.

We have 7&under and WHITE, and RED groups at both GET FIT SPORT and Schaal Swim Complex. See attached schedule for times.

Per Sacramento Swim League rules we can only swim 3 x 60 minute practices each week. The red group will be doing 30 min of dryland and 60 min swim portion of each practice.

BLACK group:

We are offering practices five days a week as many swimmers are muli-sport athletes with variable schedules. Find the best three days each week to swim out of the five days. Scott will be running a dryland program on three days (I believe it will be MWF) and then doing videos and goal work on Tues/Thur. Swimmers can attend the out of water programming everyday.

In April we will return to our full training schedule.

Mark your calendar for Spring Session dates April 1-June 8th.

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