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Should My Kid Swim Winter Session?

Should my kid swim winter session?

Swimming is a great sport in the winter because the pool is about 82 degrees. Swimmers are plenty warm when they are swimming in the winter.

Our general recommendations:

WHITE GROUP - swimmers 8-9 year olds - take a break. Enjoy time away from the pool. Spend time with your family. However for some families winter is a great time to swim and get out of "cabin fever." I recommend you do what is best for your family at this age.

Once swimmers turn 10, I do recommend swimming in the winter. Due to weather, kids can be indoors most of the day. Getting in the pool, moving and connecting with friends is a great thing to do.

RED GROUP - there is an expectation to swim more year round. Winter can be the variable factor. The season begins in March for the RED group to prepare for the upcoming swim meet season.

BLACK/HIGH SCHOOl - year round expecation. We encourage swimmers to do multi-sports at all ages. Many of the kids in these groups do well with getting to swim practice and also participating in a wide variety of other sports. We are a fortunate community to have an excellent junior high sports program and high school sports teams.

YEAR ROUND USA SWIMMERS - year round commitment. This group gets about 1-2 weeks a year off and has an expecatation of making all the practices designed to meet their needs/goals. This group has practice M-F, AM practices, weekend practices and a year round competition schedule.

The thing I love about the AquaMonsters is that you can decide on which program to particpate in based on your family values and the goals of your child. The conflict is when the goals of the child do not align with the expectations of the desired program or the needs of the training to meet the child's goals.

For those of you returning in March - have a wonderful Holiday Season and see you next year.

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