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League Championships

Sacramento Swim League championships are coming up soon. If you are planning on attending, please log on to your account and declare that you will be attending. All summer swimmers are invited, but you must meet eligibility requirements. League Champs is a two-day meet.

For many of you this is the first Championship meet for your swimmers. All of the teams from our league will be there and we all share responsibility for putting in the manhours to run it.

The team volunteer assignments are based on the number of swimmers on your team. We have almost twice as many as the other teams, so we have twice as many volunteer spots to fill. This meet is run over two days and is broken into the following shifts:

Shift 0: 6:30 a.m. - start of meet (Security and maintenance begins at 6:15 a.m.)

Shift 1: Saturday: Events 3-16 (IM and Freestyle thru 9-10 boys)

Sunday: Events 47-66 ( Long Freestyle and Breaststroke)

Shift 2: Saturday: Events 17-36 (Freestyle, Backstroke events)

Sunday: Events 67-76 ( Butterfly)

Shift 3: Lunch Break

Shift 4: Finals and relays

The League needs the names of each volunteer for each shift and positions by July 3rd, so please sign up ASAP for the job you would like. You need to sign up for a shift for each day that your children are swimming. The remaining shifts that are open at the end of the day on July 2nd will be assigned to those families that have not signed up for something. Contact Jen Bercutt with any questions regarding the volunteer positions.

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