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Annual Registration Fee

The registration fee is $40 per year/child. Some sessions automatically charged it (should be fixed in all). I have seen some new swimmer registrations come through without the click of this fee. This fee covers our team insurance and admin costs per swimmer. It is not added to Little Monsters. LM is a service we provide to our AQM families as a benefit as I know how hot the deck is and can be difficult to manage young kids on the pool deck. If you mistakenly did not click the annual reg fee and this is your first session since March 2014, please submit the payment along with your session fees.

Our incredible registrar, Sue Peri will properly add the annual fee to your child's account. No need to register again, as you will take a much needed spot. Sue Peri is a great contact regarding payments/fees. I am a good contact about groups and appropriate placement for your child. I realize it is easy to just hit reply and email me. But I am not always the best to email regarding specific questions. You can refer to our website to locate the appropriate person.

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