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Monster Swim School Class Schedules

Monster 1

MONSTER 1 is our fun, basic learn to swim program with 3:1 student teacher ratios.


Swimmers will achieve 10 important MILESTONES in our curriculum where swimmers learn a new skill at each MILESTONE and advance through at their own pace. MILESTONE 1 begins with basic breathing + floating and finishes at MILESTONE 10 with 25 yards freestyle rolling to breath.


MONSTER 1 has an emphasis on safety as swimmers are taught a rolling recovery as well as a jump recovery.

Monster 2

MONSTER 2 is designed as a more challenging learn to swim curriculum for those looking for more advanced instruction covering air exchange, side breathing freestyle, and ending with a 100 I.M. (which has all four competitive strokes: Butterfly, Backstroke, Breaststroke, Freestyle).


MONSTER 2 also covers treading water and survival floats.

Tiny Monster 2

Primary focus of water acclimation, comfort + participation in fun water activities while developing confidence in the water. These classes will prepare the child to transition into Monster 1 swim lessons.

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