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Who We Are - The Davis Aquamonters Swim Team


The Davis Aquamonsters are a local Davis-based swim team where kids learn to swim, cultivate friendships, and have fun in the water.

What We Offer

We are a swim team that offers three distinct levels of programming

Little Monsters (Summer only)

The Little Monsters swim program is for 4-5 year-old children to develop the skill sets they need to participate on the AquaMonsters (Big Monsters) program once they enter kindergarten and are at least 5 years old.  

See our swim locations here.

Areas we focus on for Little Monsters: comfort in the water, ability to listen and work with and follow directions of the coach, air exchange (critical), developing kicking (leg strength) as it is their swimming engine and then putting it all together to develop freestyle and backstroke.  For those outside the pool, Little Monsters looks like swim lessons.  We offer a 4:1 swimmer to coach ratio. The ratio at Schaal Swim Complex is 2:1

AquaMonsters (Summer, Fall, Winter, March + Spring Sessions)

AquaMonsters is our main program for 5-18 year-old simmers.  There are three distinct reasons to swim in this program:

1.   Become proficient in swimming.  This is a huge family value in our community that kids learn how to swim and be proficient.  It takes about 3 summers of summer swim team (100-150) hours to develop this via practice and practice and more practice.

In our society we want the quick fix, the magic wand, however to learn a skill such as swimming it takes time and lots of practice.  In fact our top swimmers who race at the National level have spent 10+ years practicing 4 strokes.  We don't create new strokes once they have "learned" the four strokes, instead we are constantly refining. There is always room for growth, learning and further skill development and refinement.

Some families choose to never participate in a swim meet, and that is fine.  Because the goal at this level is to develop proficiency in swimming as a life skill.

2.  Be a part of the AquaMonster community and have their child develop competitive skills as well as swimming skills.  Competition is actually healthy when it is done from a place of fun and personal development.  This is the kind of environment we work on fostering on our team.  

The AquaMonsters offer a Summer Recreational Team (not the best branding b/c recreation and swim meets don't really align - we aren't laying on pool floaties).  

We are a part of a Summer league that is our team's governing body.  We compete against other regional based swim teams in dual meets, and then have a season culminating League Championships with all the teams in our League.  This is a fun meet where kids get to swim all the events, and also be in a parade!  After League Championships, some kids will advance to the Meet of Champions which is an "all-star" type of meet with swimmers from over 50 different summer league teams coming together to compete.

We also have a Team Camping/Rafting Trip/swim meet in July which is so Fun.  

We end our summer rec season with our final meet over Labor Day weekend - the Summer Classic.  Because let's face it, us old schoolers remember when summer ended Labor Day weekend.

3. USA Swimming (year round - 50 weeks a year of dedicated swimming).  This level is for those who are ready to focus and commit to themselves to really dare greatly in their swimming.  On our team, this year round program is available to 8th-12th graders.  Prior to this time, we have a philosophy that children should do multi-sports, activities and also have time with the family (why 7 & unders do not swim from mid-Oct through March).

There is a lot of misinformation about Summer Recreation (Summer Rec) vs. USA Swimming.  There is not ONE that is better than other.  In fact that would be a FIXED mindset.  It is about what are the swimmer's goals, what are the families values and what are they both willing to commit to or not.  

Summer Rec is a wonderful way to develop age groupers (13 & unders).  Kids learn to be courageous, overcome struggle (getting DQ'd, not getting PB's, not being on the A relay), race, learn to strive for their personal best, learn to swim their strokes better, learn to get feedback from their coach and then apply it in another race or over the course of the summer.

For some AQM, USA Swimming is a good fit as the swimmer is wanting to commit to swimming and really wants to see how fast they can swim.  Fast is all relative.  And swimming fast is fun whether you are 6 years old - 20 years old.  It feels really good to know that you created that experience as you race.

Learn more about our swim program by starting at https://www.davisaquamonsters.org/davis-swim-team

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