Davis Aquamonsters Team Suits

Arena Solid Black with optional AQM Logo (back right hip)

Swimsuit sizes and clothes sizes are completely different.


If you are unsure of the suit size you need, we typically have a fitting at our Registration Night.  Swimmers can get fitted for suits while parents ask questions and learn about the Davis Aquamonsters.  


Most people find the Arena suits to be a good fit and last longer than other brands. When competing, the Davis Aquamonster policy is that any black suit is acceptable. However, to have the the Davis Aquamonster logo on your swim suit, the swim suit must be ordered through the team store. 


As of July 19, 2021, the cost of the logo is $8.00

Training Equipment


As the swimmers get older and swim at higher levels, we have them get their own equipment. By having swimmers own their own equipment, it reduces the amount of time "hunting" for right equipment. It also has the athlete practice responsibility; owning, caring for, and keeping track of equipment.


Our team is also extremely limited on storage options at our facility and the higher up our swimmers go, the more training equipment we need to properly train them.


RED Group Training Equipment


This is mandatory for the RED group


  • Mesh equipment bag

  • Kick board

  • Strokemaker 0.5 paddles 

  • Long Fins -  (ask your kids what color they had/and size)


BLACK/High School Training Equipment

This is mandatory for the BLACK/High School group


  • Mesh equipment bag

  • Kick board

  • Strokemaker Paddles: if this is your child's very first pair of paddles maybe the small RED 0.5 (strokemaker). If this is your child’s second pair go GREEN size 1. If they have green already, email Scott (BLACK) or Pete (HIGH SCHOOL) directly and they will discuss with athlete if they move up to YELLOW or the bigger RED paddles.

  • PDF fins (this is a new fin for our team).  All BLACK + HIGH SCHOOL SWIMMERS MUST HAVE THESE FINS AT ALL PRACTICES.

  • Long fins 

  • Buoy

  • Front end snorkel and nose clip