AQM Spring Session Info for New Families

Hello AQM families,

We are excited for the Spring Session to begin this week. Our coaches are looking forward to seeing returning and lots of new swimmers.

Today we have practices at Schaal, tomorrow we begin practices at DSF.

To check which time you signed up for please log into your account.

  1. Go to

  2. Click Login

Reminder each swimmer on the AquaMonsters has their own separate account with their own login & password. You can change your password. You can then confirm your child's session and also check to see if we have received your payment all in your child's account via our team database (ClubAssistant).

In your online AQM account you can:

  • change your email, add email addresses + unsubscribe (not a great thing because you will no longer receive important communication from us)

  • update any account info

  • sign up for meets

  • check session + payment

  • email archive (lost an email, go here for all of them)

Swim Equipment

Reminder swimmers must have goggles and a practice suit. Swim trunks and sun shirts are not allowed. Please see attached New Swimmer Equipment Guide for more information.

Goggles: they are the most important training item for any swimmer. Bad goggles = bad practice/experience for the kids. The worst thing are when goggles leak/don't fit properly. I have a few pair of goggles for sale. These goggles are great and long lasting. They work well for 10 & unders. Look at the new swimmer guide for goggles that are better for older children. Do NOT purchase goggles/swim suits from Target or Costco. While they may have the Speedo logo on them, they are of poor quality, do not last long, and are not easily adjustable.

  • Goggles will be available for 1 pair $12 or 3 pairs for $30

  • Team caps are $5 latex or $12 silicone

  • Practice caps are $1.

Team suits: Do NOT wash them in a machine. Always rinse in cold water and hang out of the sun. Do NOT put in the dryer. If your child wears them all day long, they will wear out at a much faster rate.

Registration/GEAR Night - this Sunday, April 9th from 4-7pm at Round Table Pizza. Get sized for your team suit, team clothing, and order your gear. AQM registrar Sue Peri will be there to answer any registration questions. I'll be there to answer any AQM questions. Those who attend will receive ONE free AQM latex cap, only available on Sunday, April 9th.

Practice Attendance

Practices are NOT mandatory for our 7&under, and WHITE groups. The more your child practices the more opportunities for improvement your child will receive.

We understand each family on the AquaMonsters have different priorities, commitment and vacations.

It is helpful for our coaches and for the practice sessions for swimmers to arrive on time to practice. For the WHITE & 7&under groups while we don't make a fuss about late swimmers, it does interrupt the practices.

Schaal - there is set up and possibly take down of the facility. We do ask the older swimmers (WHITE 11-14, RED, BLACK, HS) to help with these tasks - putting in lane lines. This is done before or after practice.

DSF info DSF Membership? If you are NOT a member of DSF, reminder there is a $20/month fee payable directly to DSF for your child's membership to DSF. Please stop by the front desk.

If you are a member of DSF, a perk is that your children can join the AQM and not pay the additional $20/month fee. Talk with DSF front desk about special AQM rates for membership.

Schaal Pool Info

Parking at Schaal parking is enforced through 10pm M-F.

There are two options for this, all available at UCD TAPS Office, 8:30 AM - 4PM Monday - Friday:

1. The Easy Park Personal Parking Meter: $1.50/Hour highly recommend for parents who drop off and pick up. AQM parents love it in the summer when they use it to drop off and pick up their kids at UCD summer camps too!

2. An HGL permit. $28/month. This L permit allows you to park in the Health Sciences Drive/Garrod Drive area, not far from Schaal, and allows you to park in A permit spots after 4 PM, which includes lot 56 in front of Schaal. You should bring an AquaMonster receipt with you to prove eligiblity for this permit.

TAPS does ticket, and both of these options are cheaper than the $50 ticket or the $9 daily pass.

Who do I contact?

  • Registrar Sue Peri - registration & account issues?

  • Director Koren Motekaitis - swim groups, questions about coaching/coaches

  • President Evey Hahn

It's going to be a great spring!

smiling big,


P.S. AQM registrar will be at Schaal today and DSF tomorrow. These are the only two days she will be at the pool sites.

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