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Team Practice

Team Practice @ Schaal Aquatic Center

These are bonus practices we offer all Summer 2016 AQM - 7 & under group, WHITE, RED, BLACK and High School (not for Little Monsters).

At team practices we bring our team together at one site and teach racing starts. Part of the process of learning racing starts is water safety of entry into the pool.

Due to safety and space please come at the times listed below.

Swimmers must learn to dive with goggles. Please bring your regular swim equipment to the TEAM practice. Reminder - no rash guards or trunks.

The goggles your child plans to race in should be the goggles they practice in regularly, so they are adjusted properly.

If your child wears a swim cap then they may wear one at meets. If they don''''t wear one in practice, we do NOT recommend wearing one at meets. Again their goggles are set for hair not caps. So if the swimmer wants to wear a swim cap at meets, they must practice with them.

Yes swim caps are a team rule. However those with short hair (no buns,ponytails) do not have to wear caps.

  • 12 & overs 4-4:45

  • 9-11 year olds 4:45-5:30

  • 8 & unders 5:30-6pm

Mark your calendar for the TEAM practice dates:

  • July 8th

  • July 15th

These are FREE bonus practices we offer. Other teams charge for these kind of skill development practices. We offer these as an extra value for our team.

We teach the competitive racing starts and work on safe entry; reinforce learning how to get out of the pool independent of other people helping the swimmer. These are fundamental water safety skills.

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